Why Are My Bearded Dragon’s Eyes Red? – [Answered]

To say the least, bearded dragons are exotic pets, and they demand special care for them to thrive in captivity. As a pet owner, you need to replicate their basic living conditions in the wild. This will help them to remain fit and healthy. They are not immune to eye problems. These problems are a result of several factors that will be discussed in this article.

Why are my bearded dragon’s eyes red? Red eyes are majorly a symptom of an irritation or an infection in your bearded dragon’s eyes. It could also be a symptom of an injury. Some of the usual indicators of an eye infection in a bearded dragon are; eye discharge, droopy eyes, crusted eyes, black or red dots around the eye, and swollen eyes. Shedding could be another reason why your bearded dragon’s eyes are red. The shedding process could be very irritable for your beardie, especially if there is not enough humidity in its tank.

What causes bearded dragon eye infections?

There are several causes of eye infection in your pet beardie. Some of these causes may manifest in red eyes. You must be able to identify the cause so you can prevent an infection from occurring.

Inadequate Vitamin A Intake

This is common with bearded dragons. The major contributing factor is their diet. They feed on live insects and green, leafy vegetables. This diet may not contain the adequate amount of vitamin A that is needed for good eyes. The infection caused by a Vitamin A shortage is known as Hypovitaminosis A.  

You can prevent this issue by adding vitamin A supplements to your pet’s diet. You can also take your pet to a reptile vet for vitamin A injections. Also, be intentional about feeding your pet foods that are rich in Vitamin A.


A mite is a type of parasite that is notorious for infecting the eye area of bearded dragons. If left untreated, it could become a serious problem. Check the eye area for little black or red dots. Mites can cause eye discharge and crusty eyes. They also irritate the eyes.


The type of substrate you use for your bearded dragon’s enclosure is important to your pet’s well-being. The loose substrate could be harmful to your beardie. Some substrates lack quality and are like debris. This sort of substrate may get into the eyes of your bearded dragon.

Once the substrate enters the eyes, it could get stuck in the eye or graze the eye. Either of these could result in red eyes and also lead to an infection. Choosing the wrong substrate material will also make it difficult for the enclosure to be clean and safe for your pet.

How to prevent your bearded dragon’s eyes from having an infection 

The proper way to show care for your pet is to prevent any of these factors from happening. You must adopt a proactive style of care. Here are some of the things you must do to prevent eye problems and infections;

  • Proper hygiene: Endeavour to always clean your pet’s enclosure. You may clean it once or twice a month. You should also inspect the tank daily. This helps you to know if there is anything that can potentially harm your pet’s eye in the enclosure.
  • Appropriate substrate type: Do not use cheap loose substrates. They could harm your pet’s eyes. You can use tiles, shelf liners, or reptile carpets that do not have particles that could harm the eye.
  • Lighting: There must be adequate lighting in your pet’s tank. UV light is the appropriate lighting type. The lighting in the tank must not be too much. It could damage the eyes of your pet.
  • Temperature and humidity: Ensure you monitor the temperature and humidity levels of your pet’s enclosure. These conditions are critical to the eye health of your bearded dragon. The right humidity is particularly important when your bearded dragon is shedding.
  • Vitamin A supplements: As mentioned earlier, vitamin A supplements will help prevent a shortage of vitamin A in your bearded dragon’s diet.

Do bearded dragons bleed from Their eyes?

This is a worrying sign if it happens to your bearded dragon. One of the symptoms of an eye infection in a bearded dragon is eye discharge. This discharge is not supposed to be blood. Some species of lizards known as horned lizards can willingly shoot blood out of their eyes. Bearded dragons cannot and are not supposed to do this.

It could be a symptom of an infection or an injury in the eye. This is, however, very rare, and it could be a sign that grievous damage could occur to the bleeding eye. If your bearded dragon is bleeding from its eyes, you must take immediate action and get help from a reptile vet as soon as possible.

Treatments for eye infections in bearded dragons

Eye infections in your pet bearded dragon should not be taken with levity. If you identify any of the symptoms of an infection in the eyes, get your pet to a vet for immediate examination. If left untreated, eye infections could lead to serious eye damage and ultimately loss of sight.

Here are some treatments you could administer to your pet.

Warm bath

You can bathe your bearded dragon in warm water and clean off and discharge or crust in the eye. Do this gently, so you don’t accidentally add to the eye problem. Warm baths help to give your bearded dragon temporary relief from any discomfort in its eye.

This is not a replacement for an appointment with the vet. It is just a way of easing any pain your pet may be feeling in its eye.

Eye drops

Eye drops are effective in treating eye infections. They are usually prescribed by vets to treat your pet’s eye infection. This remedy should be used after you have solved the cause of the infection.  


Bearded dragons are not fragile health-wise. Watch out for any of the symptoms of an eye infection so you can immediately deal with it. If none of the home remedies eases the discomfort your pet must be feeling, contact your vet as soon as you can.